Mindful Walks

Mindful in nature

Strengthen the connection to yourself

Empower your mindset

It has many health benefits to immerse yourself in nature. Physically and mentally. Movement and space in nature help to open up different perspectives, possibilities and new aspects.

Especially when walking mindfully, we notice that we quickly clear our heads. In our two programs, we combine the advantages of walking slowly with mindfulness.

Relation to nature and mindful experience

The Mindful Walk is about immersing yourself in nature with all five senses. We will try out certain mindfulness exercises, and enjoy the day as a break from our everyday life. Activate your senses, come to rest and re-energize.

Walk and Talk Coaching gets you moving—both literally and figuratively. We use nature as a metaphor for your very individual question. Nature helps you to gain clarity about your topics. Let yourself be appealed by the elements of nature.

The reference to nature and the mindful experience are the focus of both formats.

Mindful Walks – Offers

Mindful Walk

Just get out ...

Treat yourself to a break in the mountains – hike for more mindfulness and re-energize.

Kleiner Gebirgsfluss in weitem Tal
Straße im Wald führt durch Felsenvorsprung

Walk and Talk

Let go and connect

Being outside in the nature with an unobstructed view helps you hear old thoughts in a new way.

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