Who we are

Andrea Heckelmann and Dr. Bernhard Kaumanns

Andrea Heckelmann

I am a certified forest health trainer (kneippÄrzte­bund e.V.), business coach and esa-certified hiking guide. I am also qualified as a Forest guide in Wohllebens forest academy.

For many year, I used to work as a freelance project manager and as a business coach in the office and usually only went to nature and the mountains on weekends to compensate. But more and more often I have questioned my stressful working world.

«With every step into nature,
you get far more than you are looking for»

(Robert Underwood Johnson, founder of Yosemite National Park)

In this sense, go out and treat yourself to a break in nature.


Andrea Heckelmann

Dr. Bernhard Kaumanns

I am a physician and seasoned executive leader in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.

I am thrilled by the growing evidence in research showing that mindfulness is one of the most powerful resources in leadership.

I founded my consultancy company Leaders who care AG based on the principles of mindful leaders, trustful teams, purposeful companies supporting leaders and their teams as facilitator, executive coach and enabler of transformation.

I am married to Andrea, love the mountains and spend most of my free time outdoors with her. I am a ZEN meditation practitioner and an eager student of Aikido and Yoga.


Dr. Bernhard Kaumanns
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