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Strengthen your Energy

Strengthen your energy

Become aware of your resources

Our interactive, mobile and digitised every day live often requires all of our energy. And from normal stress to overload is a gradual process.

The modern "issue" with stress is not our stress reaction per se, but rather the lack of reduction.

The balance between tension and relaxation, between activity and rest is often disturbed. MindBody Coaching can help you restore balance.

Forest walk – health training
Two butterflies on flowers
Forest with ferns
View into the green of spruce and beech

A MindBody session takes place in nature. Ideally in the forest. The forest offers a wonderful setting for this.

Nature contacts play an essential role in the prevention and treatment of stress symptoms. Regular stay in the forest can reduce mental exhaustion and support the reduction of blood pressure. Longer stays in the forest have a positive effect on your nervous and immune systems. With a forest therapy, you do something good for yourself.

Topics Mindbody Coaching

MindBody Coaching supports you in bringing your energy, your physical resilience and your mental clarity into balance.

I will work with you to analyse your stress process and find solutions for healthy behaviour.

Would you like to improve your stress management and do something for your health?

Let's get in touch,

We are working on the following topics:
  • Knowledge about stress and the stress process
  • Cope better with stressful situations. What are the causes and the consequences?
  • Recognize stress warning signals
  • Find solutions to cope with stress: Which of your resources can be strengthened?
  • Reflect on the implementation of new ways of thinking and habits

Treat yourself to a timeout in the forest

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